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Recently Purchased A New East York Home? We can help.

The Top Reasons To Have a Locksmith Serving Toronto Rekey The Locks On Your New East York Home:
  1. Our mobile service comes right to your front door to change your locks to a new key.
  2. We can help to limit property access while providing a new homeowner with peace of mind.
  3. Having a professional change the key is less expensive than buying new locks.
  4. Our service safeguards family and property from intrusions in Toronto.
  5. Almost anyone in East York could have the key, a neighbour, a babysitter for the previous owner etc...
  6. Our locksmith serving Toronto offers a more cost-effective way to change the locks on your house doors.
  7. We can set your locks to a new and different key may lower your home insurance premium.
  8. Our professional service can help to protect your hard earned belongings from theft in Toronto.

Providing Business, Residence and Car Locksmiths Services
Any business or residence issues we can provide the best possible solution to your issue. If you have lost the keys to your residence, storefront or vehicle, our trained professionals can get your property open for you and make keys on site. If you need fast service, we can arrive within 20 minutes of your call.

Purchased A New House Or Moving Your Business Location?
If you buy a new house or move your business to a new location, locksmiths in Toronto can change the keys that work the locks you now have. This will stop anyone that has a key from entering to steal your property or cause damage to your residence or storefront. Hiring a locksmith to change the keys is less expensive than buying new locks.

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Expert Professional Door Unlock Service
Need a door unlocked because you are locked out of your house, residence, storefront, vehicle, bedroom, bathroom, apartment or locker? We are able to provide fast expert mobile door unlock services in the Toronto area.

Fast Spousal Lockout Emergency Lock Rekey
Are you and your spouse separating or divorcing? Our mobile service can help you better protect loved ones and your property. Have your locks rekeyed by a Professional mobile service. One of our unmarked vehicles can arrive fast to change the keys that operate your locks. You'll have better peace of mind knowing that your locks have been rekeyed. When we have completed this service for you, your old key will no longer operate the lock.

Did You Lock Your Door And The Lock Cylinder Plug Came Out Of Your Lock Along With The Key?
Usually, when this happens, springs and lock pins fly everywhere. Leading up to this, you likely found that your key was difficult and almost impossible to remove from the lock. In most instances we can put the lock back together and have it operate properly again. Depending on how worn the lock parts are, this may be a good indicator that the lock should be replaced. In either case, we can help your situation fast.

Mobile Locksmith Serving Toronto
Serving the GTA we are speedy Toronto service. Our mobile locksmith fixes your problem fast. Speedy 20 minute mobile services. Broken lock, broken key, stuck key, locked out. We provide fast reliable expert services. We get there fast to help you. Expert lock rekey and lock replace services. Call us now for fast help.

Locksmith FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: My friend claims to have a Master Key that will open any door in town. Is this possible?

A: Absolutely not! A Master Key only works within the confines of the Master Key System built around it. That is, it will only operate the locks that have been set-up to work with that particular Master Key. We think that your friend has been watching far too much TV.
Q: Is there an inexpensive way to fix wood that has been stripped out of a frame or door by a screw?

A: We suggest that an effective way to fix that is to get some golf tees, cut off the heads and drive them into the stripped holes. Golf tees are made of hardwood and can repair any hole in wood that has been stripped out or one that requires relocation. You simply use a hammer to drive the appropriate length of golf tee into the hole, drill and then drive the screw in with the appropriate screw driver.
Q: Are Weiser or Kwilkset rekeyable locks good locks to have on your door?

A: Kwikset and Weiser have "Smartkey" end user rekeyable handle and deadbolt locks that have been nothing but trouble since they were first introduced. They employ a combination of wafers and lock pins that allows for a quick rekey or key change. The main fault of this type of lock is that the housing and plug are both made of cast metal which is brittle and is the direct cause of it's failure. Our recommendation is that you stay away from this lock design. We suggest that the best value for your money is to go with a lock that has a solid brass cylinder.
Q: If I buy a Dollar Store lock is it good enough to protect my property?

A: It really does depend on what your trying to protect. All locks are not created equal and the dollar amount that you spend on a lock is directly proportional to the degree of security it will provide for you. A more expensive lock is better built and will be much more durable than it's cheaper counterpart. The more expensive lock will have more security features built-in. Our recommendation is to steer clear of these sub-standard locks.
Q: I have a handle lock on my door. Is it giving me good protection for my belongings?

A: Our honest opinion is, no it isn't. If you only have a handle type lock on your exterior entrance door it would be a good idea to increase the security of your residence by having a Professional company install a high grade deadbolt lock. A locksmith can supply a deadbolt lock to increase the security of your family and property. We recommend installing a "Schlage B-560 Deadbolt". It is a Residential Grade 2 Medium Duty deadbolt lock.
Q: I just bought a new deadbolt to put on my door. What is the backset of the lock?

A: The backset of a lock is the distance from the edge of a door to the center of the lock. Today's common lock backsets are 2-3/8" (60 mm) and 2-3/4" (70 mm). Today's locks come supplied with a spring latch or bolt that is adjustable to either common backset. Unless your door was prepared for a 5" backset, most any residential grade lock, deadbolt or handle, should be able to replace what is presently on your door. That is, of course, dependant on if the holes drilled are large enough to accomodate the new lock. You may need a professional to enlarge the holes.

Our Toronto Services Provided
  • We provide Toronto stuck key removal service.
  • 20 minute response to your business call.
  • Fast professional Toronto mobile locksmith.
  • Our company can rekey most house locks.
  • We offer speedy broken key removal.
  • Accepting Credit & Debit cards, Checks and cash.
  • Efficient reliable speedy emergency response.
  • Absolutely NO Hidden Costs or Charges.
  • Speedy mobile lock services to the GTA.
  • We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.
  • Residence, storefront and auto opening.
  • Great lower prices & fast Toronto service.
  • Free, no obligation phone in locksmiths quote.
  • Quick door unlock service serving East York.
  • Speedy residence mobile lock services.
  • Competitive rates with great service.
  • GTA locksmith provides expert lock rekey services.
  • Fast reliable and on time while serving the GTA.
  • GTA residence and business lockout.
  • Commercial type lock rekeying service.
  • Toronto Locksmith opens your locked door fast.
  • A short wait time for service in Toronto.
  • Our service rekeys locks cuts keys onsite.
  • Fast reliable commercial mobile locksmith.
  • Aluminum door lock rekey and replacement.
  • 21 years experience serving Toronto & the GTA.
  • Lightning fast reliable mobile service.
  • Divorcing? Fast Toronto spousal lockout.
  • Lost Your Keys? We open your door fast.
  • Commercial door services in Toronto.
  • Professional broken key removal service.
  • 24 hour speedy mobile services in Toronto.
  • Mobile residence, business and car emergency.
  • Mobile auto and car lock service Toronto.
  • Lock replacement, repair and rekey.
  • 24 hour speedy home door opening.

Locksmith in East York
Warns Your V.I.N.
Could Be A Thief's
Key To Your Vehicle

A locksmith serving East York warns that recently, in East York & the GTA, theives have been targeting high-end vehicles and using car dealerships to their advantage. Here's how it works...the thief will get your V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number located on the front dash on the driver's side of your vehicle) and then go to a vehicle dealership and claim to have lost the keys. The car dealership will make keys for the vehicle and they are not required by law to ask for identification or the ownership to the vehicle in question. The thief does not have to damage the vehicle to enter or drive it away. It is illegal to remove the plate on your front dash displaying your V.I.N.. In East York we recommend covering your V.I.N. with a piece of tape or a card.

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